Artist Bio

My name is Autum Sikes. I was born in 1991 and raised in Maryland. I currently work as an office manager at a moving company. I am taking my artistic career out for a test flight and plan to do so until I’m up in the air soaring – and I intend to stay airborne. In school I studied art, animation, and digital design. 

My mother introduced me to art. I was fascinated by her previous drawings and also her ability to draw whatever she wanted with speed and ease. I starred drawing from my imagination, whatever came to mind, without hesitation. 

My most major obstacle in life was finding work during and after college. I settled into jobs that we’re headed in a different direction than my career goals. 

The current theme of my artwork is human and environment. Right now my focus is on growth and presence; showcasing my talents and making my availability clear.

Apart from most artists I am a fast learner; computer proficient; I have an eye for aesthetics; a tireless imagination; an abundance of creativity; and my favorite to create is detailed works of art.

I want to convey the personality of my artwork to my viewers and my passion for art. Characteristics of my work: technical; complete; detailed; inspiring; confident.

The first thing that people notice about my art is my attention to detail and it’s technical aspect. I believe my art has become more refined. Although I still make roughs the final product is clean, more so than my previous work. I am inspired by abstract art the most. It helps challenge my ability to create something from what may seem like nothing at first glance.